There are five pillars of Islam on which Islam is based. Our Holy Prophet defined Islam in the following words:

“Islam means that you openly state that there is no God except Allah, and Muhammad (sws) is the messenger of Allah; establish the prayer, pay Zakah; fast during the month of Ramadan and offer the Hajj of the house of Allah if you are able to afford journey to it.
Will they finally come clean and admit they are in the worst kept secret relationship in history, or is it just the wishful thinking of X-Files fans, hoping that Mulder and Scully will make it for real? I guess only time will tell.
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It is time when the world is comparing Iphone with Android. Is the exclusive and closed the popular iPhone or Android open? Today there are more connections to the Internet from mobile devices than from personal computers. Large computing for years knew that the battle would be fought on the tiny phone screen, and wasted no time. In 2006 rumors began that Google was to launch a mobile phone.
The mobile application development must take into account the specifications of such phones due to the management of limited material resources and limited networks, the high fragmentation of systems and marketplaces, and the heterogeneous development environments. Compared to a fixed workstation, mobile devices have the limited material resources and limited networks. The development needs to incorporate these constraints.
Today I would like to address a subject rarely mentioned when talking about mobile application, namely the backend. The backend is actually the architecture (server) that will provide data to the application so that it can work. All iPhone applications do not necessarily work with a backend, and may well integrate all the data necessary for their operation in the application itself. But when the application requires data that can be regularly updated by the end user, a backend is needed.
Occupying half of South America, Brazil is one of the most interesting holiday destinations in the world. Decorated with white sandy beaches, music-filled atmosphere, impressive colonial towns and tropical islands, the country comprises of several attractions like cascading waterfalls, wetlands filled with wildlife and astounding Amazon rainforest.
When it comes to Brazil vacation, how can one forget its scintillating beaches. In fact, Brazil and beaches, go hand in hand. With more than 4,650 miles of mostly tropical coastlines, the country has one of the largest collections of balmy shores on the earth. The country is mostly visited by beach lovers.